Power to the pixels - I got published in Imagine FX' first pixelart feaurure

General / 10 April 2019

ome time ago I got contacted by Dom Carter of Imagine FX, If I would like to be part of a big multi page feature about pixelart. I was blown away and of course, I couldn't say no!

The feature was printed in May 2019 Issue of the Magazine. You can check out their various social sites on Facebook and Twitter. The magazine is available digitally over various channels such as Zinio

New space themed artwork WIP

General / 19 October 2018

Some time ago I found this photograph/artwork on twitter. Tweeted by the bot @archillect. I have no idea who did this but I think it's awesome.

So I decided to give it a spin and try to recreate it as vector art inside of Affinity Designer. This is what I came up with.

I really loved the outcome but I wanted to push it a step further. So I put Grand Designer to work. This program is one of my favourite software packages ever. You can create plantes with it! :D Best.

So I rendered a planet and put it into the piece. It looked like some sort of strange galactic location or nebula anyway. So I figured a planet would fit in right away...

So this is the current state of affairs. I am not sure where to take this piece yet. As of now I really like the atmosphere. But I don't know. Is something missing? Let me know :D

Chromatic Aberration done RIGHT

General / 26 April 2018

Alright. Chromatic aberration is both... absolutely awesome (in my opinion :D ) and the bane of modern concept/game/promo art. Most of the time it's not even the use of the aforementioned, it's how it's done. So I made a tutorial to show you a method for adding chromatic aberration to your finished artwork WITHOUT completely ruining your piece and causing eyesore!

Have fun!

Monument Valley Shader for Unity 3D

General / 22 April 2018

Man, I love Graphic design. And even more so I love games that just ooze graphic design :D Like Monument Valley. Just recently I watched a GDC Talk about the art-style of Monument Valley. And that got me some key insights!

Needless to say that I felt VERY compelled to create/recreate a shader that emulates the style of Monument Valley while giving the artists a great degree of user flexibility.

The shader works with all meshes, regardless of  if they have UV or no UV's at all. It lights meshes with flat colors based on three or 6  cardinal directions (X, Y, Z,-X, -Y, -Z) while providing a lot of options, like worldspace Y gradient shading, rim lighting, light and shadow boosting and colored shadow maps to allow for a maximum of artist control.

I totally looks best in ortographic views, but it absolutely works in perspective views, too. If you still want to do UVs for things like baked in shadows... man, just go for it. The shader supports tinted shadow textures.

The shot above was created with 100% Unity 2017 resources. A custom post processing stack, this shader and a few lowpoly meshes. Nothing else (not even a light :D). There you go. If you fancy this clean graphic look for your game, this shader might be able to help you out. And if you want to change it, go ahead. Or, if you own Shader-Forge, edit it in Shader-Forge :D

Get the shader on my patreon or on gumroad.

Starting off with developing the game...

General / 12 April 2018

A while ago I did some experiements with 1Bit art. Since then I talked with a few Friends and we thought It could warrant building a prototype for the game. Producing the artis pretty cheap and fast in this case. The main cahellenge would be UI and of course the gameplay. So I made a small cocnept art piece showing a game situtation. Since then we already have started moving into Unity.

So far the visual Sylt inside of Unity is pretty much the same like seen on the page. The custom shader needs a bit of tweaking still. Right now I am figuring out the UI system and how to best get the components to look like on the mockup. But that also looks nice. So the only thing that remains is doing the code. Woe me ;D

Experimenting with 1Bit Pixelart

General / 11 January 2018

I have been doing 1Bit pixel art for quite some time now. I am fascinated with the style, that emerges. I am fascinated by the challenge, too. Just having two colors to work with. I love it. It really reminds me of comic style inking. But challenge aside, it's also quite liberating in that you only have to worry about those two colors to make everything shine. It forces reduction and, at the same time, creates a certain graphical quality. It emphasizes the concentration on the basic attributes of light and shadow. Or if you restrict yourself to very small dimensions, you are forced to create readable abstract icons more than actual shapes.

All pretty interesting. Of course I am inevitably drawn to something that looks like a game. I especially enjoyed making up the fake UI. Trying to reduce to the minimum viable visualization.

Below you can see some of my efforts. I'll write a proper article on 1Bit design when I get further in my endeavors :D